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Breast Lifting

What is Breast Lifting

During the female reproductive age, breasts tend sag during pregnancy, breast feeding and patient loses her self confidence. Breast lift surgery aims in restoring her past youthful days prior to marriage. Breast lift surgery otherwise known as Mastopexy means lifting the breast to
its original position. It may be combined with or without breast augmentation.

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Types of Breast Sag

Plastic surgeons generally identify 3 different conditions that most people would label
“sagging breasts.” The conditions are: Ptosis, Empty Sac Syndrome, Pseudo ptosis Usually Ptosis is the only condition that warrants a breast lift. In most cases of Empty Sac Syndrome and pseudo ptosis, simple insertion of breast implants will restore youthful fullness to your breasts


A common method of lifting the breasts involves three incisions. One incision is made around the areola. Another runs vertically from the bottom edge of the areola to the crease underneath the breast. The third incision is horizontal beneath the breast and follows the natural curve of the breast crease.

After the plastic surgeon has removed excess breast skin, the nipple and areola are shifted to a higher position. The areola, which in a sagging breast may have been stretched, can be reduced in size. Skin that was formerly located above the areola is brought down and together beneath it to reshape the breast.

The nipples and areolas remain attached to underlying mounds of tissue, and this usually allows for the preservation of sensation and the ability to breast- feed.

A breast lift does not remove breast tissue (unless balancing of breast volumes is needed) but merely tightens the skin and lifts the glandular tissue. All approaches to mastopexy involve some degree of scarring on the breast. Most of our breast lift patients feel that the improved shape is a worthwhile trade-off for the resulting scars. These scars are within normal garment lines (i.e. they will not be visible in a bra or swimsuit) and become less visible with time.


Instruction Before Surgery

Medical evaluation including details of previous medicaltreatment, previous surgeries including breast biopsies, and details of current medications are noted.

Base line blood investigations will be done to ensure you are physically healthy enough for the procedure Baseline mammogram is required before surgery to rule out underlying breast disease.

Instruction After Surgery

After surgery, pain is easily controlled by medication. Mild discomfort is to be expected, but oral medication will help manage this. You will experience some swelling and bruising for approximately 2 weeks. The shower bath can be extended after removal of dressing.

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