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Breast Lifting

What is Breast Lifting Surgery

Breast lift surgery is also known as mastopexy. It is a surgical procedure where the surgeon removes excess skin and reshapes the breast tissue in order to change the shape of your breasts. Breast lift surgery can also be combined with a breast augmentation procedure for a more refined look. However, it is entirely optional.

Ideal candidates for breast lifting surgery

Advantages of breast lifting surgery

Frequently asked questions

Anybody with a normal body weight and no chronic health issues or conditions can opt in for the breast lift that is of course after consulting a surgeon.

Dr.M.Shridharan will discuss your goals, possibilities of the breast lift surgery, cost of the procedure, health enquiries and advise you about the right surgery that best suits your body type.

Just like any other surgery, the breast lift surgery is also bound to cause scarring, however, the scars are usually very light and fade away over the period of time.

The procedure may take upto 5 hours or more.

It can take upto 6-7 weeks to recover or maybe even more based on the kind of surgery that you underwent.

Types of Breast Sag

Plastic surgeons generally identify 3 different conditions that most people would label
“sagging breasts.” The conditions are: Ptosis, Empty Sac Syndrome, Pseudo ptosis Usually Ptosis is the only condition that warrants a breast lift. In most cases of Empty Sac Syndrome and pseudo ptosis, simple insertion of breast implants will restore youthful fullness to your breasts

Procedure of Breast Lifting surgery

Breast lift surgery is usually done with incisions and the technique of incisions would be based on the condition of the breasts including factors like shape and size eof the beast, position of the areolas, skin quality and the amount of saggy skin.
Step 1 – The patient will be given general anesthesia as discussed by the surgeon prior surgery.

Step 2 – Open incisions.
The surgery involves 3 major Incisions –

  • Around the areola
  • Around the areolas and Downwards from the areola to the breast crease.
  • Around the areolas ,Vertically downwards from the areola to the breast crease horizontally along the breast crease.

Step 3 – Resizing and reshaping the breasts.
The breast tissue is removed and adjusted accordingly to make the breasts firm.
The shape of the Nipples and areolas are corrected.
In case of saggy breasts, the excess skin fat is removed.

Step 4 – Close the incisions.
The incisions are further closed after the skin is adjusted and in most cases the scars caused by the incisions fade away with time.


Instruction Before Breast Lifting Surgery

  • Pause smoking 4 weeks prior to the surgery as it can tamper with the healing process and cause a slow and painful recovery phase. 
  • Stop eating junk food – you would be required to eat nutritious food to promote overall health.
  • Maintain a balanced lifestyle – You will be asked to keep yourself fit and healthy in order to not get your surgery postponed due to sicknesses and illnesses. 
  • Wash your hair and breasts neatly prior to the surgery to avoid infections. 
  • Plan your schedule for the entirety of the recovering and healing period.  

Instruction After Breast Lifting Surgery

  • Surgical bras should be worn to support the post-op breasts.
  • You will be required to not strain your body causing too much exertion on the breast. 
  • Take the prescribed medication on time and carelessness or delay can slow down the process of healing. 
  • Maintain proper hygiene. 
  • Sleep on your back to ensure no pressure falls on the breasts. 

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