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Breast Reduction In Hyderabad

Breast Reduction In Hyderabad

Breasts, when adequate in size, as per the proportion of the rest of the body, attracts the attention of everyone. The same breasts, when large in size causes more embarrassment to the individual and disturbs them psychologically.

Breast reduction surgery cost in Hyderabad

Breast reduction surgery must only be done by professional surgeons who are certified and hold expertise in the field. The surgery is absolutely safe and should preferably be done in a sanitized and clean hospital so the process of monitoring the patient becomes easy. The procedure is done by giving general anesthesia. Breast reduction surgery as a part of liposuction can cost upto 90,000/- and the cost of Breast reduction surgery in Hyderabad will be somewhere around Rs.1.4 lakhs – 1.5 lakhs.

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Breast reduction surgery-Aims


Frequently asked questions

Breast is made up of both gland and fat which are normally present. There are no specific breast reduction exercises which are categorized to reduce the breast size.

There is no specific medication for breast reduction, you should consult a surgeon regarding the further details.

If the increase in the size of the breast is because of obesity, lifestyle
modifications in the form of dieting and exercise which aim in the reduction of overall body weight may contribute to some extent for the reduction of the breast. But If large breasts are genetically determined as per the body structure then there are no specific exercises or medicines available for the reduction and surgery is the only solution for them.

If surgery is done through liposuction then there will be no scars on the breast. Through open reduction techniques however, there will be multiple scars on the breast and it takes about 12 to 18 months for them to fade away.

If large breast is a part of obesity one can expect breast size to come
down with reduction of body weight. Otherwise there will be no impact on the size of the breast in normal individuals.


Women with excessively large breasts can experience psychological, physical and emotional problems and traumas. Some of the most prominent symptoms include :

Breast reduction surgery-Aims


Breast reduction procedure

Breast reduction can be done with Liposuction or as an open technique surgery.

Breast reduction procedure-liposuction

Breast contains both fat tissues and glands. Liposuction is basically done to remove the excess fat content while the breast gland is undisturbed. Through small incisions in the axilla and in the breast fold, a tumescent fluid will be injected into the breast region. Liposuction is done to remove the fat from both sides as breast tissue is made up of 30 to 40% of the fat, with liposuction technique one can expect reduction of 40% of the breast volume. This is almost a scarless procedure as Incisions are hidden in the axilla and breast fold region.

Breast reduction procedure-open surgery

Various techniques are available for the open breast reduction surgery. In these techniques, markings are done in the standing position. The nipple will then be repositioned to its normal level, and the breast reduction will be achieved by surgical excisions. The advantages of this procedure include restoring the nipple position to its normal level. They however, leave multiple scars on the breast and may interfere ro cause complications with breastfeeding in future.

Breast reduction-liposuction Vs open reduction

Breast reduction surgery-Side effects

Complications are normally rare

Complications are usually rare but some of the side effects include – 

  • Bleeding : If bleeding occurs after surgery, the blood can accumulate inside the breast and, as a consequence, it would be necessary to re-open one of the wounds in order to remove it and prevent any further bleeding.
  • Infections : Infections are very rare and if they occur, antibiotics can be used to treat it effectively.
  • Loss of sensitivity in the nipple : This is a rare complication and usually goes away with time. 
  • Nipple loss : The partial or total loss of one nipple is extremely rare, but some cases have been reported in the medical literature. In the unlikely event that it occurs, a further reconstructive surgery can be performed to get the best result.
  • Asymmetrical shape : It might occur in the shape, size or position of the areola. When it occurs, it is limited and, anyhow, it can be corrected with a minor outpatient surgery, at least six months after the breast reduction procedure.

Precautions after surgery

Breast reduction surgery recovery

Through liposuction: Recovery is very quick and they can attend their office in 2-3 days
Through open reduction surgery : Patient needs to take rest for 2-3 weeks till the
stitches are healed. They can go to office after 3 weeks.

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