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cheek augmentation surgery in hyderabad

A Better Cheek Augmentation Surgeon

While cheek augmentation has become increasingly popular, it is still not well appreciated. The cheekbones also help balance the face. While the chin tends to frame the mouth, the cheeks frame the eyes. Full or high cheekbones are not only attractive, augmentation of the cheek area can also help fill the face and reduce changes associated with aging.

What is cheek augmentation surgery?

Cheek augmentation surgery is a procedure that is done to give the cheeks a lifted and voluminous look. The surgery shapes and tones the mid face and cheeks and is done by using implants. The cheek augmentation surgery holds the potential to change the overall look of the face by making it look healthy, sculpted and younger.

Advantages of cheek augmentation surgery in Hyderabad

Ideal Candidates for cheek augmentation surgery in Hyderabad

Not everybody can get the cheek augmentation surgery done as it could have side effects or other complications. We will list out the candidates who can however get the procedure done –

Not suitable for patients with

At the first consultation

The first thing to do is to discuss your requirements with the concerned surgeon during the initial consultation. Inform the surgeon about your desired look and reasons behind wanting to get the cheek augmentation. The surgeon will thoroughly examine your facial structure and features before making suggestions to proceed with the treatment. You must also inform the surgeon about your medical illnesses, health history, allergies etc. The best way to get the best results would be to choose a certified practitioner with enough experience and successful clienteles. DR.M.Sridharan is one of the few doctors who performs safe cheek augmentation surgeries in hyderabad. You can also book a consultation with our doctor for a detailed understanding of the same.


Step 1 – incisions on the inside of the mouth on both sides.
Step 2 – A cheek implant that has been collectively decided on by both the surgeon and the patient, will be carefully inserted into it.
The surgeon may insert soft tissue fillers
The fatty tissue of the patient will be taken/ grafted/ transferred and inserted into the area of incision.
Step 3 – Sutures are placed to hold it together till the fillers dissolve.
Step 4 – close the incisions.

Instructions Before Surgery

Instructions After Surgery


Since the incisions are made inside your mouth, the scars are usually not visible.

Recovery can take upto 1-2 weeks depending on the patient.

You can contact our team for a detailed understanding of the cost of the procedure.

Cheek implants are suggested in case you are looking for long lasting results as it is considered permanent compared to the fillers.

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