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Chin augmentation in Hyderabad

A Better Chin Augmentation Surgeon

A beautiful face is one in which all the different parts such as the eyes, nose and lips are in harmony with each other. One part of the face which is often neglected is the chin. The chin plays an important role in defining the symmetry of the face.

The ideal chin position in a female is behind a vertical line dropped from the lower lip and in a male in line with or just in front of the same vertical line so the ideal chin position varies depending on strength of other facial features and desired strength of the chin and jawline.

A weak chin in a female makes the nose look larger. Often a chin implant can give an appropriate cervicomental angle and give a much more elegant neckline. In a male a weak chin denotes a more feminine appearance and makes the nose appear larger.

Ideal Candidates for Chin augmentation in Hyderabad

At First Consultation

The surgeon evaluates the shape of the patient face whether it is round or vertically oval. Then prominence of the chin in conjunction with the other adjacent facial units – the nose, lips, cheek and neck needs to be assessed. Before going for the procedure you should clearly discuss your expectations with the surgeon. The surgeon will take X-rays of the face and chin to decide which procedure is best for you. The expectation with the surgery should be realistic and you should not look for perfection. If required chin augmentation can be done along with nose surgery (rhinoplasty), laser skin resurfacing or liposuction of the neck and chin.

The majority of Dr. M. Shridharan’s patients are from referrals by General Practitioners or other Specialists. However, many patients are now seeing DrM.Shridharan because of word of mouth referrals from previous patients. These referrals are often the best referrals. Friends, relatives or coworkers who have had facial and cosmetic plastic surgery are often willing to share their experiences. It is often helpful to talk to these people before contemplating surgery.


Surgery is performed as a day procedure, using a light, general anesthetic. This procedure takes from 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the structure of your face.

Commonly, Chin Augmentation is performed with the insertion of an implant, while other procedures may also be performed during chin surgery for a better result. For example, liposuction may be used to treat a double chin or to remove excessive fat in the chin area and neckline. For a droopy chin, the surgeon may recommend corrective elevation.

During Chin Augmentation and Reduction procedures, an incision is made as discreetly as possible in one of two locations:

Inside the mouth behind the lower lip

Under the chin in an inconspicuous location

For Augmentation, a pocket is created via the incision and a suitable sized implant is inserted. Sizers are used to determine the best appearance for you and then the implant is carefully placed, secured in position and the incision closed.

For Reduction, the surgeon will use a surgical instrument to reduce and reshape the bone to create a more natural appearance and then stitch the incision closed and apply tape to the chin area.

To advance the chin bone forward and create a more defined look, the surgeon uses specialized surgical equipment to separate the edge of the chin bone. This section is then brought forward and positioned with wires or special bone plates and screws. The incision is then closed and taped for optimal recovery.

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