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Chin augmentation in Hyderabad

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A beautiful face is one in which all the different parts such as the eyes, nose and lips are in harmony with each other. One part of the face which is often neglected is the chin. The chin plays an important role in defining the symmetry of the face.

The ideal chin position in a female is behind a vertical line dropped from the lower lip and in a male in line with or just in front of the same vertical line so the ideal chin position varies depending on strength of other facial features and desired strength of the chin and jawline.

A weak chin in a female makes the nose look larger. Often a chin implant can give an appropriate cervicomental angle and give a much more elegant neckline. In a male a weak chin denotes a more feminine appearance and makes the nose appear larger.

Advantages of Chin augmentation in Hyderabad

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At First Consultation

The surgeon will thoroughly examine your facial features and check the shape of your face to easily come up with the ideal plan of action. He will then carefully study your facial alignments with respect to the chin. You must also discuss and deliberate your thoughts and expectations with the surgeon so he can give out the best possibilities for you. An X-ray of the face and chin will be taken to analyze the form of surgery that would be required. Many people also prefer getting a chin augmentation along with rhinoplasty for a fuller and effective facial enhancement. DR.M.Shridharan has successfully conducted several chin augmentation surgeries over the past years and has garnered a remarkable following of clients and patients.

What is chin augmentation surgery?

Chin augmentation is simply a surgery done to alter and change or reshape the size of your chin. Chin augmentation is also known as genioplasty. It is one of the many cosmetic surgeries that involves repositioning the chin in order to enhance the facial appearance. It can be done surgically and non-surgically, based on the client’s requirements. Non-surgical chin augmentation would include fillers or fat to give you the desired look whilst the surgical procedure would be done after giving the patient local anesthesia to numb the pain.


The surgery usually takes up to 1- 1.5 hours depending on the work that is required to be done on the chin. It is highly unlikely for the procedure to be pain-induced as it is a very light, day time procedure done using local anesthesia. There are different modes of operations that can be done for chin augmentation depending on the patient’s condition and requirement.
Step 1 – Incisions inside the mouth behind the lower lip or under the chin.
Step 2 –
For augmentation – A pocket-like hollow space is created via the incision and the desired size of implant is inserted into it. The sizes of the implants will differ from patient-to-patient based on their individual requirements.
For reduction – The surgeon will carefully trim and reshape the bone using the required equipment to reduce the chin and enhance the features.
Step 3 – Close the incision.

Instructions Before surgery

Instructions after surgery


Chin augmentation is mostly done to achieve a complete and proportionate look, the nose can look smaller or larger depending on the patient’s face structure but a chin implant might not necessarily affect the appearance of the nose.

Chin augmentations are usually done with the help of implants but you can however alter the jawbone via surgeries. You can consult our surgeon for further details regarding the same.

It may differ from person to person considering the work that they need to gerd one. You can reach out to us and we will help provide you with the details.

The implants when done properly by the right surgeons will last for a lifetime. You can get it removed if and when you want to.

You will experience discomfort even with the local anesthesia, however the surgeon will provide painkillers and prescribed medications to ease the pain.

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