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Axillary Breast Fat Removal in Hyderabad

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Axillary Breast Fat Removal in Hyderabad

Axillary Breast Fat Removal in Hyderabad

Breasts are a sign of femininity. A good looking breasts attracts the attention of everyone. Normally breast is present in the front portion of the chest region. For  few individuals the breast even extend into the axillary region.

What is an Axillary breast ?

Axillary  breast is otherwise known as axillary tail breast lump. It is the extension of normal breast tissue into the armpit region which normally presents in the front portion of the chest. It produces ugly appearance when patient wears sleeveless top blouse.
Axillary breast is  present in  2 to 6% of individual. Axillary breast also responds to normal hormonal changes during menstrual cycle like normal breast tissue and hence it even grows during pregnancy.

What is Axillary Breast Fat removal surgery

Axillary breast tissue is a glandular fatty breast tissue and usually appears in the area of the armpits also known as axilla. Axillary breast fat removal surgery is a procedure done to get rid of the excess fat tissues in the breast area. Medini cosmetic surgery offers the best breast axillary fat removal  surgery in Hyderabad by qualified and certified cosmetic surgeons

Cost of the Axillary Breast Fat removal surgery in Hyderabad

Axillary breast tissue removal can be done with liposuction alone or combined with both liposuction and removal of accessory breast glands from the axilla. The cost of the Axillary breast tissue removal surgery depends on the kind of surgery. The cost of the surgery is approximately Rs 45000/- to  Rs 65,000/-  and it depends upon the size of the armpit swelling and any other underlying medical problems.

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Frequently asked questions

It can be caused as a result of obesity or can occur due to hormonal, genetic or hereditary factors.

The Axillary breast fat removal surgery can take upto 3-4 hours or less. It usually depends on the surgeon incharge.

Yes, it does leave mild to moderate scarring that usually fades away with time.

The axillary breast tissues are usually non-cancerous.

You can book an appointment by getting in touch with us via our contact page.

No, the presence of axillary breast tissue is not indicative of any disease condition. It is  purely a cosmetic procedure and does not represent any underlying health issues and patients need to be counseled. Presence of axillary breast tissue does not have any side effects.

It is a purely safe surgery and aims in removing undesirable armpit swelling and comes with no side effects.


Liposuction and gland excision

When the Swelling in the axillary region is minimal, only liposuction of the region is enough to improve the contouring of the axilla but when the swelling is considerable and is left hanging in the axillary region, then liposuction would be required to combine with gland removal.

Through small incisions in the axillary region, gland is removed along with liposuction. The scars are normally hidden in the axillary fold. Through 4mm incision in the axillary region, fat in the armpit region is removed by liposuction technique.

Precautions after surgery.

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