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Fat Grafting in Hyderabad

Fat Grafting in Hyderabad

1. Bruising and swelling in the graft area that may last for a week or more 

2. Numbness in the area where the grafts or incisions were made.

3. Small scars where the incisions were made, which should fade over

4. The fat in the injected area may sometimes be absorbed into the blood
stream during the first few months

After six months you can expect to see the full effects of fat transfer surgery

Advantages of Fat Grafting and Fat Transfers

1. More economical than synthetic fillers in the long-term.
2. Not only does the Fat Graft result in increased subtle volume and ‘plumpness’, but also improves skin texture and quality due to the stem cells contained in the fat.
3. Natural-looking results.
4. Can be performed in combination with liposuction -Alternative to
Dermal Fillers.

Benefits of fat transfer surgery

What Is Fat Grafting

Fat transfer (fat grafting) techniques have been used in cosmetic and medical procedures for many years. The technique recognises fat as the body’s most valuable source of stem cells,
Fat is taken from your body fat via Liposuction and transferred to areas of the body where volume is needed. Fat Grafting in Hyderabad

Surgical procedure


Breast size and fullness can have a huge effect on body confidence. Factors such as weight loss, pregnancy/breast feeding, or ageing can cause breasts to look emptier or lose their shape, while many others are born with naturally smaller breasts which can leave some feeling insecure.


1. Fat transfer is a way of restoring fullness without using implants.

2. It is becoming increasingly popular as it is safe and less invasive.

3. Another benefit is that once the fat has a good blood supply it is likely to
last a long time whereas it is recommended that implants are to be
changed every ten to fifteen years.

BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT ( Fat Transfer to Buttocks )

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL surgery) is an option to create a more shapely rear. It involves the liposuction of fat from somewhere on your body where you don’t want it (typically the stomach), and injecting the collected fat back into the buttocks.

Augmenting your buttocks with your own body fat can look very natural, and because the fat is from your own body, there is little chance of infection or rejection. 

An additional benefit of the procedure is that fat is taken from areas where you don’t want it, so you benefit from a liposuction of fat, as part of the procedure. Generally after six months, the fat that has not been absorbed by the body will remain permanently in the bum.

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