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Lip Reduction Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

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Details of Lip Reduction Surgery Cost in Hyderabad India

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Lip Reduction Surgery Cost in Hyderabad India

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Lip Reduction Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

Lip Reduction Surgery Cost in Hyderabad India

What is Lip Reduction Surgery

Some people have larger-than-average lips that overshadow the rest of their faces. Lips that are too full can affect speech and even eating and drinking, making you extremely self-conscious. 

A lip reduction surgery creates a more attractive and proportionate lip structure. It can be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, or jaw augmentation with implants.

A lip reduction surgery can also be performed to correct an asymmetry between the two lips. Lip reduction is usually performed under local anesthesia and takes about an hour to complete. You will be able to go home after the procedure, but it takes several weeks for the swelling to go down and for your new lips to fully heal.

A lip reduction surgery can help you achieve a more attractive, youthful, and symmetrical smile. If you are considering having this procedure performed, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience in facial plastic surgery to determine if it’s right for you.

Advantages of Lip Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad

Ideal Candidates for Lip Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad

Lip reduction surgery is suitable for patients who are unhappy with the size of their lips. Lip reduction can be performed on either one or both lips. It can also help correct asymmetry in the appearance of your lips if you have a small upper lip and a large lower lip, or vice versa. If you have fuller lips than usual but want them to look more natural, then this surgery may be for you.

At First Consultation

As a first step, You must analyze and discuss your concerns with a qualified surgeon, including all medical and health-related matters. You must inform the surgeon about the complete list of medications and supplements you take regularly. Your surgeon will educate you about the outcomes, possibilities, techniques, incision placements, risks, and benefits of lip reduction.

The surgeon will also discuss how much lip tissue can be removed to get the desired look. Most lip reduction procedures are performed under local or regional anesthesia, sometimes with oral sedation. f you decide to book your surgery, you will have a chance to ask any follow-up questions during your preoperative appointment. Your surgeon will review your instructions and tell you what you can expect during recovery.

The best way to maximize your results — and minimize your risks — is to choose a qualified surgeon to perform your lip reduction surgery.

Lip Reduction Surgery Procedure

Step 1 – Incisions on the lips.
Step 2 – Removal of lip tissue or augmentation fillers.
Step 3closing the incisions.

When marking the incision, placing the anterior aspect of the incision posterior to the lip seal and the wet line is imperative. Avoid the area of Cupid’s bow as well. 

Cupid’s bow should always be preserved during the correction of a prominent upper lip since it is an essential lip landmark. The labial artery is typically not encountered.

The marking should be made before using local anesthetics, which tend to distort the lip architecture. 

With the patient upright, the amount of excision is estimated by pinching the mucosa until the desired vermilion show is obtained. The wedge-shaped excision removes mucosa, submucosal glandular tissue, and occasionally, orbicularis muscle.

The incision lines should be wavy, and the excision design should not compromise the oral circumflex artery. 

The amount of excised tissue and the grade of planned inversion is determined individually for each case. While the incision remains stuck together, use resorbable 4.0 sutures to approximate lip tissues.

Best Surgeon for Lip Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad

Dr M. Shridharan

(MBBS, MS, MCh – Plastic Surgery with 22 Years Experience)

Dr.M.Shridharan is the most renowned surgeon for Lip Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad. He is known for providing the best lip reduction surgery with his experience. Dr.Shridharan makes sure that the client is fully satisfied after each surgery and gives proper care for the post-surgery recovery period.

Dr.Shridharan uses the latest technology for lip reduction surgery in Hyderabad. He has been performing this procedure for many years and has gained a lot of experience in it. He is also an expert in other cosmetic surgeries such as Breast Reduction Surgery, Body Lifts, Tummy Tucks, etc.

Lip Reduction Surgery Cost in Hyderabad India

The lip reduction surgery cost in Hyderabad is very economical and affordable. The lip reduction surgery can be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s preference. If you are looking for a good cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad then visit

The price of a Lip Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad depends upon the type of procedure you wish to undergo and the cosmetic surgeon’s experience. However, the surgery usually costs between Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000.

Recovery Time for Lip Reduction Surgery

Patients can expect to recover from lip reduction surgery in 7 to 21 days. Your doctor will give you specific instructions depending on your recovery time and the type of procedure performed. You may experience some swelling or bruise after your procedure, but your doctor can prescribe pain medications to help alleviate any discomfort you feel.

Lip reduction surgery in Hyderabad is done by an expert cosmetic surgeon who uses the latest technology and performs this procedure with great care

Lip Reduction Surgery Cost in Hyderabad India

Instructions Before surgery

Instructions after surgery

Lip reduction surgery can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. You may have more confidence and feel more attractive after the procedure. If you’re unhappy with your thin lips, contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Hyderabad location.

Lip reduction surgery can help you achieve a more proportionate, symmetrical look. If your lips are too large, they can make your face appear out of balance and disproportionate. Lip reduction surgery also helps reduce the amount of scarring caused by lip injections or other procedures.

Disadvantages of Lip Reduction Surgery

Lip reduction surgery may not be ideal for everyone. If you have naturally large lips and want to maintain the fullness of your lips, this procedure might not be right for your aesthetic goals. Lip reduction surgery can also cause some swelling and bruising after the procedure, so it’s important that you take time off from work or school before your surgery date.

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Lip Reduction Surgery Cost in Hyderabad FAQs

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Lip Reduction Surgery Cost in Hyderabad India depends on the procedure, and you can reach out to us for proper guidance regarding the procedure, its cost, and further details.

Local anesthesia will be given to you prior to the surgery to numb the pain. However, you may experience very slight and mild pain.

Since the incisions are inside the mouth, the scars are usually not visible.

It may take up to 3-4 weeks for it to completely heal.

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