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Jaw surgery in Hyderabad

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Jaw surgery in Hyderabad

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Jaw surgery in Hyderabad

Jaw surgery in Hyderabad

Jaw surgery in Hyderabad is a dental procedure that is performed for the correction of jaws. Jaw surgery is done to correct the misalignment and reduce teeth crowding and permanent jawbone movement.

Jaw surgery is a surgical treatment that can be performed to improve the structure or function of your jaw. Occasionally a jawbone infection is also treated by this type of operation.

Hyderabad is a city known for its top-quality health care and specialized dental services. We at medini cosmetics provide the best and most cost-effective jaw surgery in Hyderabad to give you a worry-free smile.

We are the best jaw surgery center in Hyderabad, where our advanced technology and experienced surgeons provide you with the best care.

If you have jawbone issues, we are here to give you an effective solution.

Procedure for Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery is a very common procedure, which can be done at any age. Jaw surgery helps correct some of these problems and makes your teeth look better. The cost of jaw surgery depends on the complexity of the problem being treated as well as the type of treatment you opt for.

Our jaw surgery is a straightforward procedure that can be done in less than a day. The whole procedure is performed under local anesthesia and requires no major preparation. You need to get basic information from your doctor and then undergo surgery.

To get a perfect result, we will first discuss your problems and then decide on the type of surgery best suited for your needs. After this, we will perform a procedure called “Maxillofacial Surgery,” which helps in correcting issues related to your jawbone. This also includes resizing or changing the shape of your teeth if needed. Jaw surgery is also known as maxillofacial surgery.

This procedure is performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or a general dentist. Both are trained in repairing damaged jaws, teeth, and other facial bones. Jaw surgery is a very common procedure performed by many doctors in Hyderabad.

It is a type of surgery involving removing bone growths, tumors, cysts, or other abnormalities from your jawbone. The process involves removing the whole bone part or parts of it when required. It can be done under local anesthesia, also. Jaw surgery is a procedure that involves the correction of problems in the jaws.

It is mainly done to correct issues like misaligned jaws, overbite, underbite, and crooked teeth. Jaw surgery is a very common procedure, which can be done at any age. Jaw surgery helps correct some of these problems and makes your teeth and face look better.

Jaw Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

The cost of Jaw Surgery in Hyderabad depends on various factors. The most important factor to keep in mind is that the more complex your case is, the higher the price of jaw surgery.

A basic jaw surgery cost starts from Rs. 15,000 to 20,000, depending on the severity of your dental issues. The cost of jaw surgery in Hyderabad can also go up to Rs. 50,000 to 1 lac, depending on your chosen doctor and his expertise. If you are looking for jaw surgery in Hyderabad, you should visit a good dentist and get the problem diagnosed. He will then suggest a treatment plan that can help correct your issues.

Dr.M.Shridharan is one of the best oral and maxillofacial surgery in Hyderabad, and he has a lot of experience with jaw surgeries. If you are looking for a good dentist, Dr.M.Shridharan is the right person to visit.

Ideal Candidate for Jaw Surgery

A candidate for jaw surgery should be an adult who has completed their permanent teeth and is suffering from issues such as malocclusion, misalignment of teeth, bite problems, etc. Jaw surgery can be performed to correct any dental issues that are caused due to the reasons mentioned above.

Jaw surgery is ideal for people with a misaligned jaw or problems with their teeth. It can help correct issues like overbite, underbite, crossbite, and bite problems. Jaw surgery may also be recommended if you have TMJ disorder or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems. If you are suffering from any of these issues, consult a dentist to get the problem diagnosed and treated accordingly.

Jaw surgery is ideal for patients who are suffering from the following dental problems:

Best Surgeon for Jaw Surgery in Hyderabad

Dr M. Shridharan

(MBBS, MS, MCh – Plastic Surgery with 22 Years Experience)

Dr. M. Shridharan is one of the best-qualified and most experienced jaw surgeons in Hyderabad. With over 25 years of experience, he has successfully treated thousands of patients for their dental problems.

He has also performed many complex procedures like jaw surgeries, TMJ surgery, and orthognathic surgeries. He is a well-trained, experienced, and highly qualified dentist who has been providing jaw surgery services to patients in Hyderabad for many years.

He is an expert in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery and has extensive knowledge about all aspects of these procedures.

Dr. M. Shridharan is a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery, with a special focus on dental implants, orthognathic surgeries, and wisdom teeth removal. He has also treated thousands of patients with TMJ disorders using state-of-the-art techniques available at his practice.

Recovery Time for Jaw Surgery

The recovery time for jaw surgery depends on the procedure you have undergone. For example, if you have had a simple extraction or biopsy, the recovery period will be much shorter than if you have had any other operation.

However, in most cases, patients are advised to rest for at least two days after surgery and resume normal activities within one week. The recovery time for jaw surgery is usually between four and six weeks, depending on the type of surgery performed.

For example, if you have had your wisdom teeth removed, you may be able to return to work within a week or so. However, if you have undergone orthognathic surgery or TMJ disorder treatment, it will take longer for your mouth and jaws to heal completely.

Jaw surgery may leave you feeling sore and uncomfortable for a few days afterward; however, most patients recover well from this type of surgery within two weeks.

Before Jaw Surgery

Your orthodontist will give you a thorough examination to determine whether jaw surgery is necessary. If so, he or she will explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have. In addition to discussing the cost of treatment, your orthodontist will also discuss potential risks associated with jaw surgery and ways to minimize them.

Your doctor may suggest that you undergo an MRI scan to determine the extent of your TMJ disorder before making any decisions about treatment options.

After Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Your orthodontist will make an incision in the area that needs to be corrected and remove any bone or tissue preventing your jaw from closing correctly. If necessary, they will also reshape your jaw to achieve a more natural position.

After surgery, you will be fitted with a splint or mouth guard to help ensure that your jaw heals appropriately. You may also need to wear this device for several weeks after the operation. You may experience some pain and discomfort as your body heals, so it is essential to follow your doctor’s advice closely during this time.

Precautions after Jaw Surgery

It is essential to follow your doctor’s instructions and avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for at least one month following surgery. If you have any questions about aftercare, feel free to contact our office for more information.

Jaw surgery is a serious procedure, so it’s important to take proper precautions. Some of these include:

Frequently Asked Questions

If your gums are bleeding, gently press a clean tissue against the wound. If that doesn’t stop the bleeding, apply pressure with a gauze pad or cloth and hold it in place for five minutes.

Brush at least twice per day with an electric toothbrush to remove plaque from your teeth.

You may experience some numbness in your mouth for up to a week. The numbness is usually most severe the first 24 hours after surgery.

Jaw pain following wisdom teeth removal is common and usually lasts for one to two days. It’s caused by swelling around the area where your wisdom teeth were removed.

Wisdom teeth removal is usually considered a safe procedure, but it does carry some risks. These include: – Temporary soreness or pain in the jaw after surgery. -Numbness or tingling in your lip or tongue that lasts for several days. -Bleeding from your gums after surgery that requires treatment with an antibiotic and/or stitches.

Most people recover well from an extraction, but some patients experience pain and swelling in their mouth after surgery.

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