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About Eyelid Ptosis Surgery

ptosis surgery in hyderabad

Eyelid Ptosis Surgery, or blepharoplasty, is performed to improve the appearance of the upper or lower eyelid. This procedure can also be used to repair a droopy eyelid resulting from aging or other factors, such as excessive fatty deposits.

Eyelid Ptosis Surgery can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your eyes. The procedure is relatively painless and affordable, so there’s no reason not to get it done if you’re feeling self-conscious about your drooping eyelids.

In some cases, this surgery may be done in conjunction with a brow lift or eyelid reduction surgery to give patients an overall younger, more rejuvenated appearance.

Eyelid ptosis surgery is designed to correct the condition of eyelid droop or ptosis. Ptosis occurs when excess skin and/or muscle around your upper lid causes the eyelid to droop over your eye. This can happen for several reasons, including age-related changes, trauma, or excessive use of steroid medications.

Ptosis surgery is best for people with minor ptosis of the upper eyelid and little or no other signs of aging. It may be performed to improve drooping upper eyelids (sometimes associated with age) and help patients see better.

Additionally, this procedure can increase the opening of the iris (the colored part of your eye) and help correct a ‘lazy’ appearance in the eyes.

Eyelid Ptosis Surgery Procedure

The surgery itself is quick, lasting only 15-30 minutes. The procedure can be performed in your doctor’s office or a surgical facility using local anesthesia (numbing medicine). It is also possible to have general anesthesia (sleep medicine) during the procedure. The surgeon will make a small incision at the base of your eyelid and remove any extra tissue that has caused the drooping lids. This allows for better control over the muscles of your upper eyelid.

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia, so you won’t feel any pain. It usually takes about one to two hours and is done as an outpatient procedure in a hospital or surgical center. A small incision is made in the natural fold of skin at the inner corner of your eye (temporal crease). Your surgeon will then remove excess fat and muscle tissue from this area before repositioning it back into place.

The procedure for eyelid ptosis surgery is relatively straightforward. First, your surgeon will make a small incision in the natural crease of your upper eyelid (near the nose). Next, they’ll carefully release the muscle and tissue holding back your eyelid.

This is done using tiny instruments and a microscope to ensure a precise cut. Finally, your surgeon will reposition the muscle and tissue back into place. They may also use sutures to hold everything together while the wound heals.

Cost of Eyelid Ptosis Surgery in Hyderabad

The cost of eyelid ptosis surgery depends on the technique you choose, your surgeon’s experience, and where you get the procedure done. Expect to pay around Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000 (plus IV sedation fee) for this procedure in an accredited hospital or surgery center in India.

At Medini Cosmetics we offer a wide range of eyelid ptosis surgery procedures at competitive prices. Our surgeons are highly experienced, and our facilities are equipped with the latest technology. They can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your treatment.

Ideal Candidate for Eyelid Ptosis Surgery

Eyelid ptosis surgery is an effective treatment for patients who have a mild to moderate degree of eyelid droop. It can also be used to correct congenital ptosis (a drooping eyelid that occurs at birth). However, this procedure is not recommended for severe cases of ptosis because these may require other treatments such as blepharoplasty (eyelid lift).

Best Surgeon for Eyelid Ptosis Surgery in Hyderabad

Dr M. Shridharan

(MBBS, MS, MCh – Plastic Surgery with 22 Years Experience)

Dr.M.Sridharan is the best surgeon for eyelid ptosis surgery in Hyderabad. He has the specialized knowledge, training, and skills to perform Eyelid Ptosis Surgery as it is not an easy surgery.

The procedure of Eyelid Ptosis Surgery is performed by Dr. M Shridharan at Medini Cosmetics; a leading cosmetic surgery clinic located in Hyderabad, India.

Recovery Time After Eyelid Ptosis Surgery

It takes about 2-3 weeks for the swelling to subside completely. You may experience discomfort during the recovery period, but it should not be severe enough to interfere with your daily activities. It is advisable to avoid strenuous physical activity for about two weeks after Eyelid Ptosis Surgery.

The swelling will remain for approximately 2 weeks and may take 4 months to fully subside. You should refrain from sleeping on your back or side, as this can lead to complications with the surgery.

Before Eyelid Ptosis Surgery

You should discuss your medical history with the doctor. This includes any allergies you may have and if you are on any medication. It is also important to let them know about any previous surgeries that you may have had. If you smoke, this should be stopped for at least two weeks before Eyelid Ptosis Surgery so that it does not interfere with healing.

Eyelid ptosis surgery is performed under general anesthesia in most cases. A full medical history should be taken, as well as a physical examination.

After Eyelid Ptosis Surgery

The doctor will check your eye for signs of infection and check that it is healing properly. You may need to wear an eye patch for a few days following surgery, but this can usually be removed after just one week.

The doctor will remove the stitches in your eyelid after a few weeks. You should avoid rubbing or touching the area while it is healing, as this could lead to scarring or infection. You may notice some swelling and bruises around the eye where surgery was performed. This generally subsides within one week of Eyelid Ptosis Surgery.

Your eyesight may need to be corrected after the surgery, so you should be prepared for a few weeks of wearing glasses or contact lenses. You should also avoid strenuous exercise for at least two weeks following Eyelid Ptosis Surgery.

Precautions After Eyelid Ptosis Surgery

The most common side effects of eyelid ptosis surgery are swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Other complications may include infection or bleeding. Your doctor will prescribe medication to help manage these symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eyelid ptosis surgery is an operation to lift droopy eyelids. The procedure may be done on one or both eyelids at the same time or separately.

The recovery time after Eyelid Ptosis Surgery will largely depend on your age and general health. On an average it takes 2 – 4 weeks for the stitches to dissolve, but it can take longer. Depending on the extent of the surgery, you may need to wear an eye patch for 2 -3 days after Eyelid Ptosis Surgery.

There are always some complications associated with any surgery and Eyelid Ptosis Surgery is no exception.

Surgery is the most effective treatment for ptosis. It can help restore your appearance and self-confidence. You will also be able to see better without glasses or contact lenses.

Eyelid Ptosis Surgery takes one to two hours depending on the extent of surgery needed.

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