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Axillary Breast Fat Removal
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Axillary breast fat removal surgery in Hyderabad

Breasts are a sign of femininity. A good looking breasts attracts the attention of everyone. Normally breast is present in the front portion of the chest region. For  few individuals the breast even extend into the axillary region.

Frequently asked questions

It is purely safe surgery and aims in removing ugly armpit swelling. Basically      there is no side effects with this procedure.
There is no specific exercise which can decrease the armpit swelling. Surgery is required when the the armpit swelling bothers the patient.
No, Presence of axillary breast tissue is not indicative of any disease condition. It is  purely a cosmetic problem and does not represent any underlying health issues and patient need to be counseled. Presence of axillary breast tissue does not have any side effects.
If the patient is obese, the part of the armpit swelling is because of accumulated fat and hence if patient modifies her lifestyles and aimed for weight reduction, fat loss in the armpit region can be seen along with general reduction of the body. Unfortunately axillary breast swelling will not come down with conservative weight loss in thin individuals, because of accessory breast tissue, and hence surgery is advised.

What is an Axillary breast ?

Axillary  breast is otherwise known as axillary tail breast lump. It is the extension of normal breast tissue into the armpit region which normally presents in the front portion of the chest. It produces ugly appearance when patient wears sleeveless top blouse.
Axillary breast is  present in  2 to 6% of individual. Axillary breast also responds to normal hormonal changes during menstrual cycle like normal breast tissue and hence it even grows during pregnancy.

Axillary breast tissue vs armpit fat

Axillary breast tissue causes


Axillary breast tissue removal surgery cost in Hyderabad

Axillary breast tissue removal can be done with liposuction alone or combined with both liposuction and removal of accessory breast gland from the axilla.
Axillary breast tissue removal surgery cost depends on whether liposuction alone is required or needs to be combined with removal of the breast tissue.
The cost of the surgery is approximately Rs 45000/- TO  Rs 65,000/-  and it depends upon the size of the armpit swelling and Underlying medical problems.


Ultrasound of the breast and axilla: Normally it is not advisable on regular basis for the patients who are less than 40 years of age. Axillary tail of breast ultrasound is recommended for the patients who are more than 40 years of age and having family history of breast cancer.

Axillary breast tissue treatment

Axillary breast tissue removal surgery in Hyderabad

Liposuction and gland excision: Through small incision in the axillary region, gland is removed along with liposuction. The scars is normally hidden in the axillary fold.
Liposuction: Through 4mm incision in the axillary region, fat in the armpit region is  removed by liposuction technique. Patient will have almost invisible scars in the the axilla and in the breast fold region and is not visible.

After surgery care

Expected results after the surgery