Axillary Breast Fat Removal

While you may think of breast tissue as being only on your chest, breast tissue can exist in other parts of your body, particularly in the axilla, or armpit .According to medical studies, axillary breast tissue can occur in 2% to 6% of women .Like your breasts, this tissue reacts to your hormones during your monthly menstrual cycles and may swell and become painful. While exercise may help with excess fat in the body, it can’t completely get rid of axillary breast tissue.

Symptom of Accessory Breast :

They complain that they are not able to wear sleeveless clothes as they notice unwanted bulkiness just below axilla.

It can make the area appear lumpy and “meaty”, especially when your arms are down It becomes more visible when arm is on the side.

In most of them this swelling is painless.

Procedure :

Your axillary tail of breast can be safely removed by the following

1. Liposuction

2. Surgical excision

It is a day care procedure. Under general anesthesia a few millimeter incision is made in the arm pit region for liposuction. The incision may be extended if it is an excision.

What can be expected after the surgery? :

1. Getting rid of the undesirable contours of the axilla.

2. Flexible movements of the arms.

3. Reduction in pain and irritation caused by clothing.

4. Go sleeveless